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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a war on wax?

Wax is designed to protect our ears from dust, dirt, bugs and infection, it is a great thing to have!

However, it can become problematic for those who produce a lot, have narrow ear canals or use hearing aids.

Do I need my ears cleaned?

Ears tend to be 'self cleaning' and for most people ear wax migrates out of the canal in it's own time. Some people produce a lot of wax, have narrow ear canals or use things such as hearing aids/ear plugs. In these cases the natural migration process doesn't work as well. These patients can benefit from a clean.

If my ear feels blocked does that mean wax?
Can I use ear candles?

If you experience the sensation of a blocked ear it may be a wax problem. However, it may be a sign of a middle ear infection, glue ear or less commonly, a sudden change to your hearing which requires urgent care.

The best way to find out is to have your GP take a look in the problematic ear to get a better idea of what is happening.

Using ear candles can end in trauma to the delicate parts of the ear canal and ear drum which equals lots of pain.

Not only that, research has proven time and again that they simply don't work. 
It is a much safer option to leave the management of ear wax to your trusted health professional.

Is the procedure painful

Usually not. The equipment allows us to remove the wax piece by piece and stop for breaks as often as required.
If the wax is particularly tricky we might ask you to use some drops for a few days and return after it has softened slightly.

How long does it take?

This can vary from person to person depending on the amount and type of build up. We allow 30 minutes for appointments but it may take as little as 10 minutes. In some cases you may be asked to return for a second appointment if it is particularly stubborn stuff.

Can I claim from Medicare?

Currently this service is not claimable through Medicare. Depending on level of cover, you may be able to claim through private health insurance.

Ready to experience a comfortable alternative to ear syringing?
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